Extreme right begins Twitter campaign to defend Kavanaugh, undercut his accuser

In a completely unsurprising twist, the extreme right doesn't care about accusations of sexual assault.

The extreme right has sprinted to the defense of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. CREDIT: WIN MCNAMEE / GETTY
The extreme right has sprinted to the defense of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. CREDIT: WIN MCNAMEE / GETTY

Beleaguered Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, reeling from accusations of sexual assault, has found an unsurprising ally in his push for the highest court in the land: the extreme right.

White supremacists, white nationalists, and members of the so-called “alt-lite” have rushed to defend Kavanaugh’s candidacy, which has been battered by accusations that Kavanaugh attempted to rape Christine Blasey Ford.

Rather than waiting to hear out Ford’s accusations, though, the overwhelming sentiment among far-right accounts tracked by ThinkProgress is that the allegations as little more than fabrication and Ford is a tool for Democrats to prevent Kavanaugh’s ascension.

As illustrated by ThinkProgress’ Extreme Right Dashboard, which tracks approximately 2,000 extreme right Twitter accounts, discussions around Kavanaugh and Ford have soared over the past few days.


For instance, the top trending hashtag currently floating around the extreme right networks is #kavanaughaccuser, with a 600 percent jump over just the previous day. Among the top hashtags associated with those tweeting about #kavanaughaccuser in the extreme right networks: #slander, #smearjob, and #votedemsout.

Likewise, the second most popular hashtag in general among the extreme right networks is #kavanaugh — which landed just behind #maga. Other hashtags in the top 10 include #confirmkavanaugh and #dearprofessorford.

The topics of the tweets in these extreme right networks — which span far-right conspiracy theorists like Laura Loomer and Mike Cernovich to outright white supremacists — vary, but are almost entirely centered on undercutting Ford’s accusations and bolstering Kavanaugh’s chances of getting through to the Supreme Court.


Loomer, for instance, has not only dismissed the accusations outright, but even managed to somehow link the accusations back to Hillary Clinton.

Cernovich, meanwhile, has pushed the notion that Democrats are little more than hypocrites — especially in light of the fact that Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) remains in office, despite accusations of domestic abuse.

InfoWars conspiracy theorist Paul Joseph Watson, once a proponent of the notion that chemtrails were a government plot, has settled on a more traditional track. To Watson, Ford is simply a Democratic sympathizer, saying that her accusations “look increasingly like a desperate political ploy.”

While Kavanaugh — and Ford’s accusations against him — remains a dominant theme in extreme right Twitter circles, these accounts have also tried to push other links to sources outside Twitter that also undercut Ford’s accusations.


As the Extreme Right Dashboard shows, the most popular link shared in these networks isn’t about Donald Trump or something funny from YouTube. Rather, it’s a Thursday story from notorious conspiracy site Gateway Pundit, pointing to a widely dismissed Twitter thread from Ed Whelan, the head of the conservative Ethics and Public Policy Center. That thread claims that Ford’s accusations may be accurate — but that the person responsible for the assault wasn’t Kavanaugh.

Whelan has since deleted and apologized for the thread. But the Gateway Pundit post, which was updated with his apology, remains up — and remains the most popular link among the extreme right on Twitter.