F*ck Science: Why One Man Is Joining Mitt Romney In Climate Denial

Modern journalism has spawned an entire fact-checking industry. Remarkably, even with the rise of dedicated fact checkers, politicians get away with lying more than ever. So what’s the best way to get people to pay attention to the lies? My personal preference is mockery. I find comedy a very effective tool for pointing out the absurdities in modern politics.

And that’s why I like the new Actually… campaign from actors and comedians like Sarah Silverman, Rosie Perez, Jay Smooth, and W. Kamau Bell (who is featured below).

In the latest installment of the Actually… video series, Bell excitedly explains why he’s so excited about Mitt Romney’s climate denial: “Hmm. Actually I think Mitt might be onto something really big here. He’s the only candidate bold enough to stand up and say what I’ve been feeling for so many years. F*ck you, science!”

Watch it below. And afterward, check out the small-but-budding list of videos here.