Trump still says his accusers are lying. He still can’t prove it.

The number of accusations and corroborating accounts are overwhelming.

Donald Trump has once again claimed that there’s no truth to any of the accusations women have made against him. While Trump likes to repeat that the women are lying, a total of ten women have come forward with accounts of being sexually assaulted — forcibly kissed, groped, or touched without their consent — by the Republican nominee. Many of the stories share similar details, from encounters in his Mar-a-Lago resort to greetings that turned into Trump forcing his tongue down their throats. The details also echo the types of behaviors that Trump bragged about in the 2005 Access Hollywood video.

One woman who has spoken out, Natasha Stoynoff, recounted her story in People Magazine. After Trump attempted to smear her and discredit her story, the magazine published a story in which six people corroborated her account. Some worked at People and remember her speaking about the incident, while others are friends who recalled how shaken Stoynoff was at the time of the assault.

Meanwhile, Trump and his campaign have promised evidence that will prove that none of these attacks occurred. But so far, his evidence has fallen far short of credible. Last week, he presented the account of a serial fablest who allegedly remembers every detail of a 1980 flight in which Jessica Leeds says that Trump kissed her and put his hands up her skirt against her will in the first class cabin. The man, Anthony Gilberthorpe, has been caught lying to the press on multiple occasions.


This week, Trump responded to Summer Zervos saying the candidate assaulted her. He released a statement in which her cousin, John Barry, says Zervos “wishes she could still be on reality TV, and in an effort to get that back she’s saying all of these negative things about Mr. Trump.”

As described in a press conference this week, the cousin is a self-described “loser’ who was fired from his family restaurant. Meanwhile, Zervos’ attorney presented an account that corroborates that the assault occurred — Zervos’ friend testified that she remembers Zervos confiding in her after the incident in 2007.