Fact checking the Yes on 23 campaign

Leading up to the vote on the oil-funded Proposition 23 that would repeal California’s global warming law known as AB 32, the airwaves are heating up with new TV advertising both for and against the measure.

The Yes on 23 campaign that is designed to overturn California’s global warming law is running 30-second ads running in Sacramento, the Central Valley and San Diego. Oil companies are picking up the tab for the Yes on 23 campaign, contributing 97% of the campaign’s funding.

Political Correction, a project of Media Matters Action Network, has the Yes on 23 fact check here exposing Big Oil’s misleading claims that AB 32 will raise electricity and gas prices. It also points out that Proposition 23 will risk jobs in the state, not create them as the ad claims. The ad and excerpts are featured below.

Yes On 23″ Spreads Clean Energy Falsehoods

I have enough bills. But now the politicians are putting a new energy tax on us to pay for California’s global warming plan. Yes on 23 stops the energy tax, preventing a 60% increase in electricity rates and higher gas prices. And saves more than a million jobs. I want to do my part on global warming. All Yes on 23 says is let’s wait until people are back to work. [Yes on 23 Ad, 9/28/10]

Proposition 23’s Passage Would Raise Energy Prices, Kill JobsCalifornia’s Private Electricity Costs Will Jump 33% Without Policy To Reduce Greenhouse Gases. According to Next 10, a California-based think tank: “Between now and 2020, without implementation of GHG policies, private electricity costs in California will be up to $100 per person higher in 2020, which would rise $100 above today’s costs in any case, making electricity 33 percent more expensive. Higher energy prices force California enterprises and households to take a dollar away from in-state labor and labor-intensive goods and services and spend that dollar on capital-intensive fuel imports.” [Next 10, 10/6/09]


Proposition 23’s Passage Would Hurt California’s Economy & Destroy 626,000 Jobs. According to Next 10, a California-based think tank, failing to implement greenhouse gas policies will lead to increases in fossil fuel prices that will lower GSP by over $80 billion and offer 626,000 fewer jobs.

[Next 10, October 2009]

In Reality, California’s Clean Energy Law Boosts The EconomyRenewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Will Create 112,000 California Jobs. According to Next 10, a California-based think tank: “Using price forecasts from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Annual

Energy Outlook (AEO), the study estimates that without diversifying California’s energy portfolio toward more renewable fuels and energy efficiency, the state risks a loss of over $80 billion in Gross State Product (GSP) and more than a half million jobs by 2020. Implementing 33 percent renewable energy, combined with 1 percent annual improvement in energy efficiency, on the other hand, shields the economy from higher energy prices and yields a growth dividend, increasing GSP by $20 billion and generating 112,000 jobs.” [Next 10, 10/6/09]

The Stop the Dirty Energy Proposition, No on 23 campaign is running two statewide ads informing voters about the reality of California’s clean energy legislation that is under attack by oil companies.


“These ads go to the heart of what this campaign is about: Prop 23 is being bankrolled by out-of-state oil companies and would result in more pollution and crush the state’s clean energy industry,” said Tom Steyer, co-chairman of the No on Prop 23 Campaign.

Ad#1 Transcript: “California is outlining a clean energy future a growing workforce of bright Californians who harness wind and solar power to move our state forward. But two Texas oil companies have a deceptive scheme to take us backwards. They are spending millions pushing Prop 23 which would kill clean energy standards, keep us addicted to costly polluting oil, and threaten hundreds of thousands of California jobs. Stop the job-killing Dirty Energy Proposition. Vote No on 23.”

Ad #2 Transcript: “Prop 23 is ONE deceptive ballot measure from TWO Texas oil companies that would have THREE disastrous consequences. 23 would pollute our air, kill clean energy jobs, and keep us addicted to costly oil. Vote NO on 23.”

See the No on 23 fact-check here.