FactCheck.org Needs A Head Check

The more you think about FactCheck.org’s recent attack on Campaign for America’s Future (CAF) for suggesting Wall Street would profit handsomely from Social Security privatization, the more ridiculous it becomes.

Let’s set aside for a moment that FackCheck’s entire criticism is based on an entirely false comparison between Bush’s plan and the Federal Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). Let’s also set aside that the numbers CAF used came from an organization that supports Bush’s plan.

It still makes absolutely no sense.

FactCheck admits “TSP had previously refused to say how much it paid financial companies,” the key figure they use to attack CAF’s advertisement. FactCheck.org only obtained the info in a recent conversation with a TSP spokesman. In other words, FackCheck.org is criticizing CAF for not taking into consideration data that didn’t exist when they made the ad.

So even if the data was relevant (which it isn’t), FactCheck.org’s complaint would still be invalid.