Faiz discusses AIG bonuses on MSNBC.

This morning, ThinkProgress editor Faiz Shakir went on MSNBC — opposite former McCain campaign spokeswoman Nancy Pfotenhauer — to discuss the AIG bonus fiasco. Faiz disputed the right wing attempts to blame Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner for the problems, pointing out that AIG’s bonus contracts were arranged under the Bush administration. He added:

If I’m faulting Geithner for anything, it’s that when he first learned of this, he didn’t take it directly to the American public and use the public anger as a negotiating tool with AIG to get them to renege on some of these bonuses.


He also faulted the “culture in Wall Street that employees expect these millions of dollars in bonuses.” “No longer can we have employees who brought down the economy expecting that they’re going to get multi-million-dollar bonuses,” Faiz said. Watch it: