After Trump fired FBI Director Comey, protesters feel ‘democracy is at stake’

“This is not going to go away just because Comey is fired.”

In a surprise move Tuesday evening, President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, the man in charge of the bureau’s current investigation in the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. By noon the next day, hundreds gathered in front of the White House demanding an independent investigation.


DEBRA: This is a very scary moment for our democracy.

TEXT: After Trump fired FBI Director Comey, concerned citizens came to his door.

GAIL: President Trump fired Comey last night, which I find just outrageous and frightening given that Comey is leading an investigation into his ties to Russia.


VIVIAN: I think Comey should have been fired, but I think he should have been fired on January 20th. But now that Comey is looking into Russian connections, now he’s a threat towards Trump and now he must go.

CAMI: Donald Trump is a threat to this democracy. He doesn’t want anyone to investigate his campaigns alleged collusion with the Russian government.

CAMI: The American people deserve to know the truth and deserve to know if Russia and Trump were acting together to influence the presidential election.

GAIL: Whoever replaces Comey is going to be beholden to President Trump for his job and I think that can’t not affect how the investigation goes. I think we need an independent investigator.

DAN: He took advice from AG Sessions who is recused from the whole investigation. So we need someone, independent, special prosecutor who can take this over and get some answers.


CAMI: Our getting to the bottom of what’s going on with Trump and Russia really depends on the GOP’s ability to stop defending their president. They need to be valuing country over party and actually find out the truth.

GAIL: I have no confidence at all unless we have a special prosecutor because I think that this fiasco is so much worse than Watergate, so much worse than Saturday night massacre.

EDDIE: This is not going to go away just because Comey is fired.

GAIL: I’ve been an activist since the 60s and I’ve always felt like there was progress in this country no matter how slowly, things kept getting better and I’m not confident anymore than things will be getting better unless we stay in the streets.