FBI Leaking To Neocon Conspiracy-Theorist Frank Gaffney?

Right-wing anti-Islam activist David Horowitz’s Frontpage website has a post attacking conservative activist Grover Norquist for, among other things, having a Muslim wife, possibly being Muslim himself, as well as for distributing a letter calling on Republicans to resist engaging in anti-Muslim rhetoric or risk “alienating millions of Arab American and Muslim American voters who believe, as we do, in the principles of our party — individual liberty, traditional values, and the rule of law.”

While Norquist himself did not sign the letter, Frontpage notes that “another signatory of the letter is Suhail Khan, a long-time associate of Norquist’s,” and levels this charge:

Frank Gaffney, President of the Center for Security Policy, told me that an FBI Special Agent involved in terrorism investigations informed him that Khan is indeed a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Contacted for comment, Khan, who is currently the Senior Fellow for Christian-Muslim Understanding at the Institute for Global Engagement, laughed, “If that’s true, they haven’t sent me my membership card.” More seriously, Khan said “This is a ridiculous claim, I’ve never been a member of that organization. Gaffney has been caught in lie after lie over the years, and this is just one of many.”


Khan recently appeared on the Rachel Maddow show, talking to guest host Chris Hayes about the Park 51 controversy and the upsurge in anti-Muslim rhetoric from conservatives.

Given Frank Gaffney’s record of demonstrably false assertions, goggle-eyed fear-mongering and outright conspiracy theories — he once wrote that President Obama “may still be a Muslim,” and recently claimed that “Hezbollah is training on the US-Mexico border” — it’s not hard to decide who to believe here.

Still, it’s a serious charge. And it’s worth asking why an unnamed “FBI Special Agent involved in terrorism investigations” would possibly share information with the likes of Frank Gaffney. I’ve contacted the FBI for comment, will update when they respond.