Fear of a White Electorate

Charles Murray has a chart:

And some odd commentary on the chart:

The graph is based exclusively on non-Latino whites (because that’s who the book is about). If you want to see a visual representation of the development of the bubble that Barack Obama has been living in since he left Hawaii, that graph is it. Judging from the GSS data, every white socioeconomic class in America has become more conservative in the last four decades, with the Traditional Middles moving the most decisively rightward. But the Intellectual Uppers have not just moved slightly in the other direction, they have careened in the other direction.

They won the election with a candidate who sounded centrist running against an exceptionally weak Republican opponent. But they’ve been in the bubble too long. They really think that the rest of America thinks as they do. Nothing but the Pauline Kael syndrome can explain the political idiocy of letting Attorney General Eric Holder go after the interrogators.

Obviously one point to make is that Eric Holder is supposed to make decisions based on the law, rather than based on partisan political considerations.


Another point, however, would be that it’s very odd to assert that Eric Holder and Barack Obama have spent the past several decades living in a bubble that consists entirely of non-Latino whites. They probably see Steven Chu and Eric Shinseki and Hilda Solis and Gary Locke at the cabinet meetings, among other things.

You also, honestly, have to be pretty detached from reality to think John McCain was a weak candidate. In November of 2008, he had a 61 percent favorable rating which is pretty darn good. The 2008 election just happened to pit two different popular politicians against each other.