FEMA Deadline Looming For Katrina Victims

[Ed. note: Stephen Geer works for American Progress and just returned from New Orleans.]

The few people who have returned to New Orleans are just beginning to get their lives reordered. Not a single person I spoke to during my visit had even started paperwork with their insurance companies, let alone registered with FEMA. Until they got back into the city, they didn’t know what to report, and those who had called FEMA couldn’t get through.

Worse, FEMA has a 60-day deadline for individuals to register for relief aid, like loan assistance.

To help push FEMA on this issue, we’ve set up a very simple website — — that lets you send a message to FEMA asking them to extend the deadline past the current date, October 28.


This is a battle we can win, and it’s a victory that Katrina victims desperately need. Please take a minute and ask FEMA to ExtendTheDeadline.

— Steve Geer