Female Journalist Attacked By Limbaugh Yesterday Responds: He ‘Just Doesn’t Think Women Count’

Having offered a quasi-apology for his sexist smears against Sandra Fluke, hate radio host Rush Limbaugh has moved on to another female target: investigative journalist Tracie McMillan, who wrote a book on the American food system called The American Way of Eating. Ripping into McMillan yesterday on his radio show, Limbaugh mused, “What is it with all of these young, single, white women, overeducated — doesn’t mean intelligent.”

McMillan is now pushing back against Rush’s continuing campaign of hate against prominent female progressive advocates. In an interview with the Atlantic Wire published today, McMillan said she thought Limbaugh was attacking her solely for her being a woman:

“It’s been really interesting to have somebody be that openly dismissive of my work strictly based on the fact that I’m female,” McMillan told The Atlantic Wire. “There’s no other way to think about it except that Rush Limbaugh just doesn’t think women count.” McMillan went on to explain how her book approaches some difficult issues about the food that feeds America and the conditions for the workers that produce it, however Limbaugh didn’t seem willing to engage in that debate. Instead, he focused on her being a woman.

In the past, Limbaugh said women are “emotional” voters unlike men, that women’s lives are “easier” than men’s, that the “feminazi grand plan” is to remove the competitive nature of men, and that women “have neutered the business of politics.” He suggested Danica Patrick is not a great racecar driver because she’s female. He referred to a female sports reporter as “boob-alicious, booty-licious,” and called Hillary Clinton the “sex-retary of State.”