Ferguson activists one year after Michael Brown’s death

Zellie Imani, The voices of the Ferguson movement one year after Michael Brown’s death.


Zellie Imani: One of my worst fears is that I wont hear about the next black man killed by police because it will be me. So this is why I continue to fight, even though the work may be difficult. My life matters and black lives matter.

Rev. Osagyefo Sekou: The Ferguson rebellion is the longest rebellion against police brutality in the history of the United States. It is three month longer than the Selma campaign and it is second only to Montgomery in terms of the ways in which a community has galvanized itself to resist the various forms of oppression that we experience in the American empire.


Montague Simmons: For me, it actually harkens back to images well before my time of flags being dropped out of a window saying a man was lynched today. I really think actually that’s the conditions that we’re living in. We’re seeing circumstances where the state is allowed to take our lives without consequence.

Zellie Imani: Statistically, there will be another 200 police killings this year, by the end of the year. When the hashtag is no longer trending and another tragedy occurs, how do we continue to support and honor those communities? How?