Fey: Conservative complaint that my Palin impression is sexist ‘is just crazy.’

In an appearance on David Letterman’s show (taped this afternoon and airing tonight), Tina Fey talked about how she developed her pitch-perfect Sarah Palin impersonation. She also mentioned that some conservatives — such as McCain campaign adviser Carly Fiorina — have called the sketches “sexist.” Fey said such charges were “crazy”:

FEY: That is just crazy because you have to be able to goof on the female politicians just as much otherwise you really are treating them like they’re weaker or something.

Watch it:


On Lars Larson’s radio show yesterday, Palin gave a semi-endorsement of Fey’s impression: “She’s funnier than heck when you turn the volume down, because she’s spot on in the mannerisms and everything else.”