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CREDIT: AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File
CREDIT: AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File

We knew it would be bad. But it’s even worse than we thought.

People are hitting the streets to protest by the hundreds of thousands, and ThinkProgress is working tirelessly to provide them with accurate, uncompromised information about the actions of this administration.

Our work was cited in the first lawsuit filed against Trump.

We set an initial goal of $250,000 for the Trump Investigative Fund. With the help of thousands of people, we reached that goal. It has allowed us to begin expanding our capacity to hold Trump accountable.


But now we need to scale our capacity to the size of the threat.

Can you help us reach our new goal of $500,000? If you kick in $40, we’ll send you this t-shirt.

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ThinkProgress reporting is already making an impact across the board.

  • Our exclusive investigation revealed that Kuwait, under political pressure, moved its annual event to the Trump Hotel. Our story was cited by USA Today as evidence of Trump’s corruption and “exactly what the Founding Fathers were trying to protect against.” It was also cited in the first lawsuit against Trump over his conflicts of interest.
  • We comprehensively catalogued all of Donald Trump’s promises — 663 of them and counting. This project involved reviewing transcripts of all Trump’s speeches and media appearances during the campaign, a database that consisted of over 4 million words. Our work revealed that, Trump failed to deliver on 34 of the 36 things he promised to do in his first day.
  • ThinkProgress exclusively reported on a gag order placed on the renewables team at the Department of Energy. “[W]e are PROHIBITED from any social media post (from personal or business handles) regarding your work, attendance at any meeting, etc until further notice,” ordered the email obtained by ThinkProgress.

As his grip on the federal bureaucracy strengthens, the challenge of holding Trump accountable grows exponentially.

We need to file Freedom of Information Act requests, monitor government contracts, and communicate with whistle blowers. We need more resources, because we have so much more work to do.

The future is still unwritten. Join us as we resist.