Fighting Recession With SUPERTRAINS

UK Transportation Minister Geoff Hoon knows how it’s done:

In a statement to MPs, Mr Hoon, who took over the transport brief earlier this month, said: “In order to stimulate Britain’s economic growth and support our position as a leading world economy it is essential that we make the right long-term investments in our transport infrastructure and that we plan for future growth, in a way which is consistent with reducing greenhouse gas emissions overall.” […]

Mr Hoon said he wanted to “accelerate” the work his department was doing on both long and short-term planning for the future of road transport, with more hard shoulder-running to increase capacity, and rail.

Note also that UK residents have the privilege of living in a country with a non-insane right-wing political movement. Thus:


The Tories, who have pledged to build a high-speed rail line and scrap Heathrow’s third runway plan, said the “non-announcement” was “empty words”.

Ah to have such complaints from our GOP.