Filipino LGBT Group Picks Up Hillary Clinton’s Call For Equality

LGBT groups in the Philippines are calling on the government to address violence and other human rights violations against the LGBT community. In their formal demand, the alliance of groups reminded leaders that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had warned that U.S. aid would be tied to a country’s efforts to protect LGBT individuals from persecution.


Instinct Magazine points out that Clinton’s address also sparked protests in Sierra Leone:

Close to 1,000 protesters thronged the streets at the east end of Freetown attracting scores of onlookers on the process who cheered them on.


The post Friday prayer demonstration was organised by the Inveterate International Islamic Revitalists, who said they were worried that persistent pronouncements from major powers could influence the country`s politicians to recognise “alien” and “immoral” practices in the country.

The organisers say the protests will be a bi-weekly affair. Sheikh Marrah, one of the leaders of the protesters, referred to a recent statement by US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton who said US would use aide to encourage the respect of the rights of gays and lesbians.