What Trump’s supporters want to see him accomplish on day one

Jobs, a wall, and a family dog.

WASHINGTON, DC — Donald Trump has made a lot of promises to the American people.

Throughout his campaign and the transition period, he vowed to accomplish at least 38 things on his first day alone. His promises ranged from the impossible —expelling all undocumented immigrants — to the more feasible, such as enacting a hiring freeze on all federal employees.

As he prepared to take the oath of office Friday morning, his supporters in the inauguration crowds told ThinkProgress what they want to see him tackle on Saturday, his first full day in office. Their priorities range from immigration to health care and the economy.


“I’d like to see him repeal and replace Obamacare,” Chicago resident Alex Robinson said.

But they don’t expect him to accomplish everything he promised.

“Most politicians come in with a huge number of promises and end up doing almost nothing,” said Ronald Borta, who drove to DC from Warrenton, Virginia. “So if he does a tiny little bit on his first day, that’ll be a vast improvement.”

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania resident Janice Cercone agreed.

“Do what you’re supposed to do and live up to your promises,” she said, adding that she would be happy if he accomplished just half of what he said he would.

“If you need help building the wall, call me.”