Five climate events to be thankful for

Lynn Englum, one of the interns at the Center for American Progress, has been doing some brainstorming in preparation for this year’s Thanksgiving feast. She’s come up with this list:

Let this Thanksgiving be a time for reflection, as there are several events within the past year worth reminiscing. These five occurrences have increased awareness on climate change and moved the U.S. closer to achieving targeted greenhouse gas reductions. Hopefully, these events will prove to be catalysts in creating sustainable energy use and a stable climate for future generations.

1. IPCC & Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize for their contributions to bringing awareness to the climate change problem.

2. The 1st CAF‰ standard in 22 years was passed in the Senate — still waiting on the House to approve.

3. All the democratic presidential frontrunners (Obama, Edwards, and Clinton) have proposed a comprehensive energy plan, asking for large carbon dioxide emission reductions (80% by 2050).

4. The 4th IPCC Synthesis report was released providing a blunt and urgent call for action.

5. Public opinion is shifting: Polls are showing an increased international and domestic desire to mitigate the effects of climate change.


While there is still a long way to go, the progress and recognition of climate change as a serious problem has improved enormously from just a few years ago. So as we sit down this Thanksgiving, remember where the climate change movement stood then and be grateful that the nation and the world are finally starting to wake up.