Five Most Ridiculous 9/11 Tributes Spotted This Year

Today is the twelfth anniversary of the September 11th attacks. Unfortunately, it is likely also the eleventh anniversary of the first ads trying to exploit this tragic anniversary to drive up sales. Past examples of this genre include 9/11 Memorial Commemorative Chardonnay, a mattress company touting itself as the cure to sleeplessness caused by terrorist attacks, and a craft store advertising its 9/11 sale: “Avoid Crafting Emergencies & Stock Up Now!

This year does not appear to be any different. Here are five of the most absurd business tributes to the victims of 9/11 spotted this year:

1. 9/11 Golfing Bargain

Just in case anyone wants to commemorate the murder of nearly three thousand innocents by heading to the links, a Wisconsin golf course offered 9 holes of golf for just $9.11:

The golf course did offer an apology after their ad was widely reported.

2. Free 9/11 Muffins

A Marriott guest reportedly snapped this picture of a 9/11 commemoration that simultaneously manages to be both tacky and cheap at the same time. A terrorist attack killed thousands and transformed America’s self-image, and we honor this loss with a half-an-hour’s worth of pastries:


Not to be outdone, The Ridges Resort and Marina in Young Harris, Georgia briefly announced on its Facebook page that “In observance of 9/11, The Oaks’ Bar is offering free hors d’oeurves while they last and happy hour drink prices until close. Special starts at 4 and goes until close at The Oaks’ Bar only.” Although this announcement appears to have been pulled down, they left a similar announcement up on Twitter:

3. Gorilla Tributes

The Phoenix Suns tweeted out what appears to be a picture of their gorilla mascot dressed in fatigues while waving an American flag over a smoking platform. This tweet, which included the hashtag #NEVERFORGET, also appears to have been deleted:

4. Kobe Bryant

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Lakers took a more minimalist approach:

5. Smartphones

Finally, AT&T; reminds us of what’s truly important — selling mobile phone service: