FLASHBACK: Rove on Getting Caught Lying

From the 8/18/98 Dallas Morning News:

The public can smell a phony, [Rove] said. For public officials caught lying, the apology must be honest and sincere. “It’s a question of authenticity and whether they seem to have a plausible reason” for lying, said Mr. Rove, who is Gov. George W. Bush’s chief political strategist. He said he was speaking only for himself on this matter.

Long term, lies by public officials erode public confidence in government and make it hard for all elected officials at all levels to govern, analysts noted.

“To the extent that there is already a high level of cynicism among the people, it does not make it any easier to lead,” Mr. Rove said.


Of course, that was before Rove repeatedly denied he had any involvement in the Valerie Plame leak. We are waiting for our “honest and sincere” apology.