Florida Residents Saved From the Scourge of Non-Expert Furniture Selection

Once again the perils of unbridled capitalism have been averted with occupational licensing:

The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) announced “victory for interior design” this week after a regulation found an interior design license requirement to be constitutional. Those challenging the law were unable to prove that the license requirement lacked a rational basis.

As a matter of legal doctrine, this may well be right. The alleged rational basis is that the rule will “protect public safety by ensuring that interior designers are trained to comply with fire and building codes.” As a public policy matter, however, it is difficult for me to believe that residents of states without licensing regimes for interior designers are suffering from a major fire-related crisis. After all, the vast majority of interior designing in any state is done by completely untrained amateurs picking out their own stuff.

At any rate, I think the proliferation of this stuff is not only important but is increasing in importance all the time. Robots will be able to make all our manufactured goods long before they’re able to execute tasteful interior design, so people need to be able to get employment opportunities in this kind of field.