Following Palin’s Playbook, O’Donnell Vows ‘I’m Not Going To Do Any More National Media’

Delaware GOP Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell gave a rare — and apparently her last — national TV interview last night to Fox News host Sean Hannity, to whom “so many Republicans” have turned to maintain a “shred of credibility” while refusing to talk to real journalists. In the interview, O’Donnell swore off more national media interviews, saying it was completely “off the table because that’s not going to help me get votes.” “I’m not going to do any more national media,” O’Donnell said, giving the dubious explanation that local reporters “can’t get to me” because national media representatives are clogging her phone lines:

HANNITY: Does that mean — for example, all the talk about well, you’ve got to do this national show, that national show. … Is that off the table for you?

O’DONNELL: It’s off the table because that’s not going to help me get votes. I instead want to go to as many town hall forums, as many candidate forums, as many church picnics that I can fit into my schedule, so that I can meet the voters. […]

I’m not going to do any more national media because that — — this is my focus. Delaware is my focus and the local media is my focus. And it’s frustrating because I’ve let the local media know they’re my priority but our phones are ringing off the hook, that they can’t get to me. So this — it’s actually become an interference with the campaign.

Watch it:

O’Donnell is merely following the path paved by Former Alaksa Gov. Sarah Palin, who advised O’Donnell to “speak through Fox News” and to avoid other national media, because they are merely “seeking ur destruction.” O’Donnell thanked Palin for that “great piece of advice,” saying, “that’s exactly what we’re doing.” Indeed, she abruptly canceled two Sunday show appearances last weekend, and has requested restrictions on media organizations covering her debates, saying, “we’re asking them to not allow media to attend or at least to keep them in the back.” She can also look to other GOP candidates who came up through the tea party movement, such as Rand Paul and Sharron Angle, who have refused to answer tough questions, hurling accusations of media bias whenever a reporter dares to ask them a non-softball question.


Moreover, apparently oblivious to irony, from her safe perch at Fox, O’Donnell attacked her Democratic opponent for not attending a tea party event, accusing him of “ducking the difficult forum” in order to “only go to the friendly forum.”

But swearing off the media now will not help erase the “nutty” things O’Donnell has said over the past 20 years, which ThinkProgress has documented in our report “The Old Adventures of New Christine.” When Hannity asked about her now-infamous “dabbling into witchcraft” comment, O’Donnell said, “Who didn’t do some questionable things in high school, and who doesn’t regret the ’80s, to some extent? I certainly do, and I most certainly regret bringing it up to Bill Maher.”