Food Trucks And Clean Energy

I’m obsessed with the strides municipalities have made in facilitating the development of a food truck sector, and a great example of the utility of such a thing comes from this notice for the weekend’s Power Shift conference:

Food Trucks

From Korean BBQ, to Cupcakes, to Pizza, to Vegan Delights, the DC Food truck community heard about Power Shift and will be out in full force around the Washington Convention Center. You can track their movements at, and look out for updates on the display screens about specific food truck locations and twitter updates.

Delicious! The Convention Center area is a few blocks away from the downtown core where there’s high demand for lunch Monday through Friday. Consequently, the lunch options in the immediate vicinity are sometimes a bit scarce. But food trucks have the flexibility to be there on the weekend, and then go where weekend demand is highest during the week.


For a more substantive take on Power Shift, please read my colleague Brad Johnson.