For Every Anti-Gay Protester At A Concert, Panic! Donates $20 To Human Rights Campaign


Westboro Baptist Church is famous for being hateful, but there is one thing that the Westboro Baptist Church really, truly loves. The WBC loves picketing. Picketing for hate.

On July 17, the WBC recorded a parody of Panic! At The Disco’s 2006 song, “I Write Sins Not Tragedies.” Their parody was an ode to homophobia called “You Love Sin What A Tragedy.” A few days later, the WBC announced plans to picket Panic! At The Disco’s Kansas City, MO show. WBC, of all the places in all the land, you’re going to take your hatefest to the Midwest? The Midwest is America’s Kindness Capital. But I digress.

The band members of Panic!, lead by frontman Brandon Urie (who has spoken before about his fluid sexuality), responded with this:

The WBC turnout was actually pretty weak (unless you count, as they do, the “myriad of angels”) so Panic! decided to round up for the sake of the Human Rights Campaign.

Panic! also contributed a cut of the merchandise sales:

The WBC has been a non-stop hate machine since its inception, and an unintended consequence of its unending homophobia parade has been to inspire unity and solidarity among pro-LGBT rights groups. Early last year, a WBC protest on Vassar’s campus prompted students to hold a fundraiser for the Trevor Project, a non-profit providing suicide prevention support services to LGBT youth. They raised over $41,000.

Hooray for you, Panic!! (One exclamation point for the name, one from me.)