For new readers and old: The Solution to Global Warming ¦

… will be the focus of next week’s posts, which seems appropriate for Earth Day week. [Note to self: Write a post explaining why that is a lousy name for a “Day” — it really should be called “Self-preservation Day.”]

If you are a visiting here for the first time because of Time magazine, then the first thing you should do is read the “Most Popular Posts,” on the sidebar, which should tell you whether or not this is the website for you. Read the comments on those posts, to give you an idea of the vibrant community we have here. I hope you’ll join in.


You might also read some of the posts under the “Humor” Category — I try to inject as much humor and snarkiness into the blog as possible, since otherwise the self-destruction of human civilization as we know it can be a somewhat downbeat subject, I’ve been told.

And you are in luck, because next week I am going to lay out the solution to global warming — yes, there really is only one. I was going to do it this week but McCain’s lame gas tax holiday (see here) and Bush’s lamer climate speech (see here) sucked up too much of my time. I did, however, discuss “Concentrated solar thermal power — a core climate solution,” and that is worth reading since I think CSP maybe the single biggest provider of new carbon-free electricity this century, certainly bigger than coal with carbon capture and storage.

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