For VP, Romney Is Looking For An ‘Incredibly Boring White Guy’

Mitt Romney’s campaign is looking to fill its vice presidential slot with a “boring white guy,” according to one Republican who is privy to some details of the campaign’s decision.

Politico reports that Romney is trying his hardest to pick “a deliberate anti-Palin,” and apparently that means he cannot pick a person of color or a woman:

One Republican official familiar with the campaign’s thinking said it will be designed to produce a pick who is safe and, by design, unexciting — a deliberate anti-Palin. The prized pick, said this official: an “incredibly boring white guy.”

Of course, there are plenty of women and people of color who would be perfectly boring — and suitable — choices for Romney’s running mate: Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is a crowd favorite, Louisiana Bobby Jindal (R) is about as boring as it gets, and there’s plenty of hubbub over Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH). But the objective of boring, white, and male shows that the Romney campaign will prioritize absolute vanilla-ness over the candidate who may be best for the job.