Ford on Health Reform

There’s been a lot of focus on what are basically trivial elements of Harold Ford’s weird Senate bid. It’s worth boring down on a real issue of substance, his apparent opposition to the health care bill:

Q. You would oppose the health-care overhaul as it now stands?

A. I couldn’t support a health-care bill that places the kind of burdens on New York State that this one does. I am for health-care reform, and I think there is a way to correct this, and understand, Michael, I have a relationship with MSNBC, and I have talked about the increased taxes on business and increased burdens placed on states. At a time when projections show states like New York face the kinds of projected deficits, it does not seem smart to place that kind of extra burden on them at this moment.

Positioning yourself to the right of Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson, and Mary Landrieu is a strange way to run in a Democratic primary in New York. But at least he can always count on the black vote.