Former birther Trent Franks suggests Obama ‘acts un-American.’

In August, the Mohave Daily News reported that Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) told a town hall that he was “considering filing a lawsuit” over President Obama’s birth certificate. Franks later clarified that he had considered a lawsuit before the 2008 election, but became convinced Obama was a citizen when he “found several different newspapers that had shown that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii two years after it became a state.” In an interview with the Washington Independent’s Dave Weigel at the How To Take Back America conference this weekend, Franks said that he believes Obama is American, “even if he acts un-American”:

FRANKS: That solved the issue for me. I said, you know, I can’t — I believe he’s a natural born citizen of the United States under the Constitution. And therefore, even if he acts un-American and he seems to go against American interests, I’d still believe he’s a natural-born American citizen.

Watch it:


Later in the interview, Franks told Weigel that “Barack Obama could solve this problem and make the birthers, you know, back off, by simply showing us his long-form birth certificate.” “That’d solve the problem,” said Franks. “There’s some other issue, I don’t know what it is, that he doesn’t want people to see the birth certificate on.”