Former CIA official in tape probe lawyers up.

The New York Times reports this morning that former CIA Clandestine Operations Director Jose Rodriguez, who ordered the destruction of interrogation videotapes in 2005, has hired one of Washington’s top criminal attorneys, Robert S. Bennett, to represent him in the tape inquiries:

Mr. Rodriguez has hired Robert S. Bennett, a well-known Washington lawyer, to represent him in Congressional and Justice Department inquiries into his handling of the tapes.

Mr. Bennett has represented a number of high-profile clients — among them former President Bill Clinton, Caspar W. Weinberger, the former defense secretary, and Paul D. Wolfowitz, the former deputy defense secretary and World Bank president.

“Mr. Rodriguez has been a loyal public servant for 31 years and has always acted in the best interest of the country,” Mr. Bennett said. “He’s done nothing wrong.”


(HT: TPMmuckraker)