Former Deputy AG Comey:

None of the fired U.S. Attorneys should have been let go for performance-based reasons:

SANCHEZ: OK, but in your view and to the best of your knowledge were there valid performance-based reasons to terminate any of these six US Attorneys?

COMEY: Not in my experience with them.

Watch it:

UPDATE: Comey adds that “he had ‘heard rumors’ that Justice Department White House Liaison Monica Goodling was using political criteria in making personnel decisions among non-political, career staff.” The Justice Department has launched an investigation to Goodling, alleging that she potentially violated federal law.


UPDATE II: Comey disparaged Kyle Sampson’s desire for “loyal Bushies,” saying “that the DoJ had to be ‘seen as the good guys — not as this administration or that administration.’”

UPDATE III: Comey rips Patrick Fitzgerald?

Asked about his reaction to a now-infamous listing of U.S. attorneys in which Fitzgerald was ranked mediocre, Comey replied: “I’ve never thought much of him.”

One beat…two beats…Comey grinned and said, “No, I’m just kidding.”

Acknowledging that Fitzgerald is a close friend, Comey described the Chicago prosecutor as “one of the finest federal prosecutors there is…maybe has ever been.”