Former Governor Jeb Bush Blasts Right Wing Anti-Tax Pledge: ‘I Don’t Believe You Outsource Your Principles’

A growing number of Republicans have been abandoning Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist and his anti-tax pledge, which states that signers will never raise taxes at any point, for any reason, ever. Dozens of candidates promoted by the National Republican Congressional Committee have refused to sign the pledge.

Today, former Republican governor Jeb Bush (FL) told House Budget Committee ranking member Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) that he is against the Norquist pledge because, “I don’t believe you outsource your principles and convictions to people”:


VAN HOLLEN: Do you agree with the Grover Norquist pledge?

BUSH: So I ran for office three times. The pledge was presented to me three times. I never signed the pledge. I cut taxes every year I was governor. I don’t believe you outsource your principles and convictions to people. I respect Grover’s political involvement. He has it every right to do it, but I never signed any pledge.

Even ultra-right-wing conservatives have wavered on the Norquist pledge in recent months. “I signed this pledge, but what do we do when we get taxes down to where they need to be? At some point we’re going to cut taxes too much. What’s the answer then?” asked Rep. Steve King (R-IA)