Fox All Stars: ‘Anti-American’ Al Gore Shouldn’t Have Won Nobel For ‘Bloviating’ About Warming

On Fox News Sunday this morning, Weekly Standard editor William Kristol and conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer attacked former Vice President Al Gore’s Nobel Peace Prize win, calling him “anti-American” and derisively claiming that he got the award for “nothing” but “bloviating about global warming.”

Sarcastically calling Gore’s win “deeply moving,” Kristol disparaged Gore and the Nobel prize itself, saying “it’s a prize given by bloviators to a bloviator”:

KRISTOL: Friday, I felt a warm glow thinking that this man got the Nobel Peace Prize for bloviating about global warming. I mean, it’s a prize given by bloviators to a bloviator for nothing. What did he — he was Vice President of the United States for eight years. I missed the Clinton administration’s bold initiatives on global warming and carbon caps. Did they enforce the Kyoto Treaty? I don’t think so. You know, so he gets the Nobel Peace Prize for talking.

Claiming that the Nobel Peace Prize is “the Kentucky Derby of the world left,” Krauthammer was even more shrill than Kristol, saying “Al Gore now joins the ranks of Yasser Arafat, the father of modern terrorism.” He then claimed the award “has nothing to do with peace” and that “it gives it to people whose politics are either anti-American or anti-Bush, and that’s why [Gore] won it.” Watch it:


Kristol and Krauthammer’s attacks continue the efforts of Fox and the right to undermine the importance of Gore and the IPCC’s efforts to make climate change a central issue on the world stage. But, as NPR’s Juan Williams noted when responding to Kristol and Krauthammer, Gore has taken the global lead on an issue that the Bush administration didn’t “even acknowledge for a long time”:

The Nobel Peace Prize, I mean, Mother Teresa — whatever you want to say about it, there’s an effort made to acknowledge people who are making a difference in this world, and Al Gore, with the film An Inconvenient Truth, and by speaking out, bloviating, as you just said Bill, has helped to raise the profile of an issue. And when you look at the current administration, and the failure of this administration to do anything, even acknowledge for a long time that there was global warming, there’s a strong contrast.

As Williams said, Kristol and Krauthammer’s attacks are just “sour grapes” over Gore’s success in exposing and undermining the far right’s vast disinformation campaign against global warming science.