Fox and Friends tackles sexism: ‘Hey, honey! Get me a sandwich!’

This morning on Fox and Friends, the three hosts began a discussion about sexism and whether it still exists. Brian Kilmeade concluded, “I don’t see it.” As proof, he said, “I look at women and say, ‘Hey! Hey equal!’” Steve Doocy then joked that he says to women, “Hey, honey! Get me a sandwich!” Gretchen Carlson was clearly uncomfortable throughout the segment, repeatedly trying to shift the discussion to Hurricane Dolly. The two men, however, decided to talk about the problems with women’s sports, concluding that Carlson needs to get more of her “people” to watch the WNBA. Watch it:


DOOCY: Do you think sexism, in traditional television news viewing in the evening, has eroded significantly?

KILMEADE: Have we beat sexism though? I think we’re all equal. I think men and women are equal. Do you?



DOOCY: All you have to do is look at the empirical facts that women are paid less for the same job. So we’re making a lot of headway. But for her to say that she’s a victim of sexism and Barack Obama not a victim of racism. This is something different.

CARLSON: It’s too multi-faceted to have it be only just one thing. You cannot deduce from that that sexism still does not exist.

KILMEADE: I don’t see it. I look at women and say, “Hey! Hey equal!”

DOOCY: No, what you say is, “Hey, honey! Get me a sandwich!”

KILMEADE: No, I don’t say, “Honey, get me a sandwich!”

DOOCY: I do! Sweetie!

CARLSON: This is a slippery slope. So I think we should just end the discussion and move on to something else.

KILMEADE: Are you looking at the WNBA/NBA ratings? The problem with women’s sports is that women don’t watch.

DOOCY: It’s not as interesting.

KILMEADE: Women’s sports isn’t as interesting?

DOOCY: I don’t think the WNBA is as interesting as, for instance, college basketball. I like that a lot better.

KILMEADE: Women’s college basketball.

DOOCY: Yeah.

CARLSON: As a woman, I enjoy watching sports.

KILMEADE: You’ve got to get more of your people to watch sports.

DOOCY: Yeah, your people! Get your people!

CARLSON: Let’s move on to the hurricane —

DOOCY: We are married to some of her people.

KILMEADE: That’s why we have such —

CARLSON: Thanks for the reminder for when Brian goes home today — this afternoon. At some point. Okay, let’s get back to the hurricane.