Fox Business mocks ‘ridiculous’ bipartisan bill providing paid leave to grieve death of loved one

"I am not being insensitive, but it is freakin' ridiculous!"


The New York legislature recently passed a bipartisan bill that would provide workers with up to three months of paid leave to mourn the loss of a loved one.

The sponsor of the bill is a Republican senator from upstate  New York named Richard Funke, who says the legislation was inspired by the experience of losing his son.

“I’ve experienced the pain of losing a child. The grief can be unpredictable and overwhelming,” Funke said in a statement, according to CBS. “No employee should have to fear losing their job in order to take the time they need to mourn.”

But during a Tuesday morning segment, Fox Business hosts mocked Funke’s legislation, dismissing it as “anti-business” and suggesting the idea someone would miss several months of work because one of their spouse’s parents died is absurd.


“Can you imagine how anti-business New York state really is, when a proposal like this is about to reach the desk of Gov. Cuomo?” Stuart Varney said. “Can you imagine how strapped some small businesses would be if you have 3, 4, 5 employees and one of them is out for three months and you have to pay them because their mother-in-law died? It just stinks to high heaven as to how anti-business New York state has become.”

“Would you start a business in New York state these days? No,” Varney added. “I’d go to Texas, and so would everybody else.”

“That is crazy, Stuart,” Maria Bartiromo chimed in. “I mean — three months?… Grieving a mother-in-law or father-in-law?”

“I am not being insensitive, but it is freakin’ ridiculous!” Varney added.

New York’s bill is not unprecedented — Oregon has offered paid bereavement leave since 2014. A spokesperson for Cuomo told CBS that the governor will review the legislation before making a decision about whether to sign the bill into law.


If approved, the legislation would allow workers to collect up to $680 a week while on bereavement leave. According to CBS, the bill covers the death of a spouse, domestic partner, child, parent, in-law, grandparent, or grandchild.