Fox: Few blacks attend McCain’s ‘Forgotten Americans’ kickoff.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) begins “an effort to reach out to minorities and the poor this morning,” starting with a speech in Selma, AL. But Fox News’s Carl Cameron, who was at the speech, observed that the vast majority of the crowd was “white-middle class voters,” despite the event taking place in the nation’s Black Belt, “where there’s over 100 counties connected from here in Alabama all the way over to Georgia where African-Americans outnumber whites”:

But as you take a look at the shot, which is just off to my left here, you can see that the audience in large measure is white middle-class voters. The African-American poor folk of Selma, Alabama and around here haven’t turned out.

Watch it:



CNN reported last month that McCain was the subject of “a little bit of heckling” when he spoke to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in Memphis to commemorate the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.