Fox Host Eric Bolling: ‘I Don’t Remember Any Terrorist Attacks On American Soil’ Between 2000 And 2008

Fox News has certainly racked up its fair share of embarrassing mistakes. (Egypt, FYI, is not next to Iran.) But given how often the network brings up the 9/11 attacks, the already gaffeprone Fox News host Eric Bolling whipped up a doozy. Last night on Fox’s new show The Five, the new hosts rehashed President George W. Bush’s justification for the Iraq War. When co-host Bob Beckel asked why the weapons of mass destruction Bush claimed Iraq possessed were never found, Mediaite caught Bolling’s novel response: “Whether they did or didn’t, America was certainly safe between 2000 and 2008. I don’t remember any terrorist attacks on American soil during that period of time.” Watch it: