Fox Hosts Hate-Church Lawyer Who Claims Obama Is ‘The Beast Spoken Of In The Revelation’

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court held that even the most repulsive hate speech — Westboro Baptist Church’s anti-gay rallies at military funerals — is entitled to First Amendment protection. At the top of its show this morning, Fox invited one of the leading purveyors of such repulsive speech, Westboro’s attorney Margie Phelps, as its sole commentator on this Court decision. Phelps, who is the daughter of hate church leader Fred Phelps, provided exactly the same kind of thoughtful legal analysis that Americans expect from Fox News:

QUESTION: Are the nine justices going to Hell?

PHELPS: I have no objective indicator otherwise. The default for mankind is Hell. […]

QUESTION: So the justices are going to Hell? The President is going to Hell?


PHELPS: Absolutely on the President. That’s a big ten-four. I already answered on the justices. The President is going to be king of the world before this is all said and done and he is most likely the Beast spoken of in the Revelation.

Watch it:

It’s telling that in a week which featured deeply manipulative anti-worker tactics by the Ohio GOP, growing unrest in the Middle East, a court decision allowing implementation of the Affordable Care Act to move forward, and the Main Street Movement’s first steps to recall eight anti-worker lawmakers in Wisconsin, Fox decided to ignore these stories in order to focus on the important question of whether President Obama is the Antichrist.