Fox News Captions Footage Of Illegal Border Crossings With ‘The Hispanic Vote’

Since Mitt Romney lost the Hispanic vote in record numbers on Election Day, some Republican lawmakers and conservative pundits have openly conceded that the party has a “rhetoric” problem when it comes to the Latino vote and have begun advocating for comprehensive immigration reform.

However, the GOP’s new-found eagerness to appeal to Latinos took a hit on Thursday afternoon when Fox News ran a segment about “The Hispanic Vote In 2012” and proceeded to show stock footage of people crossing the border illegally:

The United States has hit net zero on illegal immigration, as fewer people are trying to cross the border illegally. In fact, a recent report found that more Mexicans appear to be leaving the United States for Mexico than are leaving Mexico for the U.S.A for the first time since the Great Depression.

Exit polls show that 71 percent of Latinos voted to re-elect President Obama.