Fox News’ Favorite ‘Democratic’ Pollster On Wisconsin Recall: ‘If The Left Succeeds…It Will Spread Chaos Across Country’

In the rare instances that Fox News feels the need for a patina of bipartisan credibility, it turns to “Democratic” pollster Pat Caddell.

Caddell, who worked in the Jimmy Carter administration, has become a regular guest on the network. Though Fox News identifies him as a “former Democratic pollster”, Caddell rarely offers anything approaching a spirited defense of Democrats and/or liberals, choosing instead to reinforce conservative views on issues ranging from health care to the environment to national security.

On Friday night, Caddell was at it again, ripping the Democrats’ recall efforts in Wisconsin on a Tea Party Patriots tele-town hall. As detailed in the group’s Twitter feed, Caddell was on a tirade against “the left”, telling listeners to “stop the anarchy before it spreads.” He called the recall election “senseless” and told listeners to “organize, go door2door now” in order to “defeat the left in WI:”

Caddell claims he’s “still a Democrat,” but he spent much of the last few elections attacking Democratic presidential and congressional nominees, as well as progressive legislative priorities. In 2004, he claimed Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry had “raised more money from financial and special interests and telecommunications special interests, and done their bidding, than anybody in the Senate.” On President Obama, Caddell asked last year, “does this guy have any idea what he is doing?” Of environmentalists, Caddell said their mission is to “basically deconstruct capitalism.”


In other words, Cadell is the perfect Fox News Democrat. As a “Democrat,” he seemingly has the credibility to assure viewers that, yes, all their conservative views are actually correct.

Pat Caddell is no Democrat, he just plays one on TV.