Fox News gives Vitter a pass on aide scandal.

Yesterday, Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) went on Fox News Sunday to discuss the oil spill cleanup effort. Despite being embroiled in a widely reported scandal involving his former aide, Brent Furer, who worked on women’s issues for Vitter until late last month and only resigned after his conviction for stabbing a woman in 2008 came to light, Fox News’ Chris Wallace did not even broach the subject. Just this month, Vitter dodged reporters’ questions about the scandal:

REPORTER: You say [your aide’s arrest] happened two years ago, I mean, he just resigned and you let him stay on the staff since the events happened in 2008, so it wasn’t two years ago.

VITTER: Well, the event was two years ago, the discipline he got in the office was two years ago..REPORTER: Why’d you let him…what kind of discipline did he get in the office?

VITTER: Anybody else [have a question]?



Apparently Vitter’s scandal and subsequent avoidance of it just isn’t newsworthy for the ever “fair and balanced” Fox News. (HT: TPM)

Charlie Eisenhood


Ben Smith tried unsuccessfully to receive comment from a Fox News spokesperson.