Fox News goes all in on smearing Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

"She is a very sad woman."


On September 17, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford — who at that time had just come forward to say Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her — “should not be insulted, and she should not be ignored.”

Less than two weeks later, and following Dr. Ford’s public testimony about the alleged assault on Thursday, President Trump’s favorite TV channel is all in on discrediting her.

Guests on Thursday’s edition of Laura Ingraham’s show repeatedly teamed up with the host to smear Ford.

At one point, Ingraham mocked Ford as “a combination of Rosa Parks, Joan of Act — she was the heroine of all time.” Right-wing commentator Michelle Malkin responded by claiming that Ford’s “traumatic incident” — the assault she says Kavanaugh perpetrated against her — “seared a hole in her brain.”

At another point during Ingraham’s show, White House-connected lawyer Joe diGenova called Ford “a deeply troubled person. She has a history of psychological discord.”


“She went to the West Coast for one reason: She had so many problems in that school that they sent her away,” diGenova added. “She is a very sad woman.”

DiGenova also smeared Ford during an appearance on Lou Dobbs’ Fox Business show.

Along similar lines, on Sean Hannity’s show, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) claimed Ford “has a problem, and destroying Judge Kavanaugh’s life won’t fix her problem.”

On the Friday morning edition of Fox & Friends, host Brian Kilmeade criticized Ford for admitting she consulted with friends a few months ago about if and how she should come forward with her story.

Newt Gingrich joined the show and suggested that as a psychologist, Ford should understand that her own recollection of events isn’t necessarily true.

Later, Malkin joined and framed Ford’s allegation in the context of false rape accusations.

Graham, meanwhile, joined the show and continued to push a bizarre theory that Ford unequivocally shot down during her testimony on Thursday — that was she indeed assaulted, but is mistaken about the identity of the assailant.