Fox News Hit Man Jesse Watters Won’t Deny Fox ‘Makes Stuff Up,’ Tells TP: ‘Watch My Blazer, Bro’

This week, Media Matters reported that an unnamed former “Fox News insider” confirmed once again the network’s aversion to the truth in the name of promoting the Republican Party. “I don’t think people would believe it’s as concocted as it is; that stuff is just made up,” the former insider said. Fox News’ “M.O. [is] to undermine the administration and to undermine Democrats,” said the source. “They’re a propaganda outfit but they call themselves news.” ThinkProgress ran into Fox News ambusher-in-chief Jesse Watters at CPAC this week and wanted to know what he thought about Media Matters’ report. However, Watters wouldn’t comment. Instead, he tried to divert the issue by attempting to belittle ThinkProgress’ “ambush” skills (yes, admittedly, we didn’t stalk Watters to a vacation spot with his significant other) and trying to give us some advice. “You’re just kind of, a little JV,” Watters said on the defensive. While ThinkProgress repeatedly tried to get comment from Watters, he still refused to answer. However, at one point, he seemed to take offense at a slight brush on his sport jacket, saying, “Watch my blazer, bro.” Watch the interview:


TP: Hey Jesse Watters?


WATTERS: What’s up?

TP: Jesse Watters?

WATTERS: Who are you?

TP: I’m Ben Armbruster from  WATTERS: Oh, what’s up buddy? How you doing?

TP: I just wanted to ask you a quick question.

WATTERS: Is this an ambush? Listen, this is not how you do an ambush man.

TP: Why not?

WATTERS: You got to have a real camera first of all.

TP: This is real. It works.

WATTERS: If you’re going to do like, a real ambush, you got to get a crew. You got to get a sound guy. You’re not –

TP: Why what’s the –

WATTERS: You’re just kind of, a little JV.

TP: Oh yeah?

WATTERS: Yeah. I got to teach you some things all right?

TP: Yeah, I mean I never made the varsity team in high school so I don’t really know what it’s like.

WATTERS: It looks like it. It looks like you’re a little JV.

TP: So I wanted to ask you, there was a report out a couple days ago about a Fox News insider saying that Fox News just makes stuff up and is a propaganda outfit for the GOP. I was wondering what you think about that.

WATTERS: Well first of all, when you do these things, you kind of got to like, start, you know, “Hey how you doing?” You know, “What’s you name?”

TP: Well, so what do you think about it?WATTERS: …introduce yourself. You know, usually when I do these things, I say, “Hi, Jesse Watters…” –

TP: I did introduce myself.

WATTERS: “…I’m with Fox News. Nice to meet you.” Like, a smile usually helps at first to kind of like break the ice.

TP: Uh huh.

WATTERS: A little tip.

TP: So what do you think about that, that story?

WATTERS: Um, the other thing is when you approach someone with a camera phone? It’s just kind of weak.

TP: Yeah?

WATTERS: You know what I mean? It’s just kind of weak.

TP: So you don’t have any comment on that story? Do you not have a comment on it? Do you think that Fox News just makes stuff up?

WATTERS: Bro. You’re doing it with a camera phone, bro.

TP: Well answer the question. Yes or no? Do you think Fox News makes stuff up? Yes or no?

WATTERS: Do I think Fox makes stuff up?

TP: Yeah.

WATTERS: That’s your question?

TP: Yeah.

WATTERS: You know, another little piece of advice when you’re doing these ambushes or whatever. The question is very important. And I just don’t think you’re really bringing it with that question. I think you need to go back –

TP: So yes or no?

WATTERS: — and try again. Come back with like a more hard-hitting question. Maybe not like a yes or no question. Usually when I do ambushes I try not to ask yes or no questions –TP: It was a Fox insider that said that Fox is a propaganda outfit –

WATTERS: — just the person to kind of just say, yes or no, you want to like draw them out a little bit.

TP: I just want to get your response to that. Do you have no response? I guess that’s a “yes,” you have no response. Right?

WATTERS: Watch my blazer, bro.

TP: Do you have no response? Where’s your camera guy? Where’s your camera guy?

WATTERS: Where’s your camera guy?

TP: Let’s go get him. So no?

WATTERS: Do you want to repeat the question?

TP: Do you have an answer or no?

WATTERS: Do you want to repeat the question?

TP: A Fox insider said that Fox –

WATTERS: Bro I’m kidding around. I heard the question. I’m just messing with you man. [Looking into the camera] How you doing? What’s up ThinkProgress?

TP: So no.

WATTERS: You hand’s shaking. You look a little nervous with that thing.

TP: I’m not nervous.

WATTERS: Why are you like fumbling with your words? The other thing is when you do these ambush interviews you really got to like, practice before hand.

TP: Mhmm. All right well I guess that’s a no then huh.

WATTERS: See you later.