Fox News Host Napolitano: ‘Clever’ Obama Honored Fallen Soldiers ‘To Get The Economy Off The Front Page’

Yesterday, President Obama canceled his public appearances and the White House press briefing to fly to Dover Air Force Base. There, he paid his respects to the 30 U.S. soldiers who perished in the helicopter crash on Saturday and grieved with their families in private. On Fox News’ The Five last night, Fox host Andrew Napolitano viewed Obama’s trip as opportunistic and a “clever” media trick. Had Obama called Congress back from recess or “given advice about what to do with the market, he would’ve exercised some leadership,” he said. Instead, Obama “segued into something we all agree on, which is remorse and sorrow over the loss of the SEALs in Afghanistan.” To Napolitano, “that was a very clever way of trying to get the economy off the front page.” Watch it, courtesy of Media Matters:

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