Fox News is worried Moore’s loss means Trump might be held accountable for sexual assault

They should be.


Moments after calling the Alabama U.S. Senate race for Democrat Doug Jones, Fox News pondered what the defeat of Republican Roy Moore — a candidate who faced numerous credible sexual misconduct allegations — could mean for President Trump, who has himself been accused of assault by 14 women.

“Laura, to your point, I think that this is going to embolden Democrats to use this issue, specifically against this president,” host Bret Baier said, addressing Laura Ingraham’s commentary earlier in the show.

“Yeah… if they’re able to take out a Senate candidate in Alabama with these allegations, as lurid as they were, what does this mean for the umpteen number of Democrats who will inevitably come forward to urge the president to resign, the constant re-airing of the old allegations that were aired last October — October 2016 — and putting this pressure, Brit, all the way to 2018 midterm elections, the war on women redux,” Ingraham said. “I think we see this all the way through 2018.”

Brit Hume agreed with Ingraham’s point. He then downplayed the allegations against Trump as old news that was dismissed by voters when they elected him last year.

But polling released last week indicates 70 percent of respondents think Congress should investigate the sexual misconduct allegations against the president. It’s clear that Trump isn’t comfortable with members of Congress weighing in on the topic — on Tuesday, the president responded to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) calling for him to resign over the allegations with a crude tweet in which he slut-shamed her.

Trump endorsed Moore despite the fact that the Alabama Republican had been accused of misconduct by eight women, including multiple accusations of child abuse. Trump indicated he believed Moore’s denials that he ever did anything untoward.

Indeed, the notion that women often lie about sexual assault allegations is the official White House stance. In recent weeks, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has repeatedly told reporters that the administration’s official position is that all of Trump’s accusers are liars.