Fox News Says Dan Choi And GetEQUAL Activists Were ‘Dressed Up’ As ‘Members Of The Military

This morning, Fox and Friends covered GetEQUAL’s recent attention-grabbing protest, in which six veterans discharged under the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy handcuffed themselves to the White House fence to pressure the administration to repeal the policy before the end of the year. The network ignored the purpose of the protest and focused on the “transparency” angle, playing a footage of the Park Police closing down Lafayette Park and moving reporters away from the activists.

Host Gretchen Carlson asked conservative blogger Michelle Malkin to comment the police’s actions and insinuated that the protesters were not real soldiers:

CARLSON: I want to get your take on something that happened at the White House earlier this week, because, of course the message from the Obama administration is of course they will be the most transparent White House ever and there was this incident where some members of the military, at least dressed up like that, were handcuffing themselves in an area where typically protests happen and the police chased reporters away and basically said they could not cover the event that was happening. Now the police say it was a rookie mistake, but what’s your take on it?

MALKIN: Well, I think what amuses me most is the left wing frenzy very this, because you have all these blogs and left-wing journalists who are finally realizing that Obama lied and transparency died. And all the morons at Media Matters can Google it or search it in their transcripts. I’ve said it so many times on your show and Fox about this administration’s lack of commitment to transparency…

Watch it:

In reality, of course, all of the protesters were, or still are, members of the military. Lt. Dan Choi serves in the New York National Guard and served in the Army, James Pietrangelo II served in the army, Autumn Sandeen and Larry Whitt served in the Navy, Mara Boyd served in the Air Force ROTC and Evelyn Thomas served in the Marine Corps.


The Park Police was widely criticized for its action and initially “provided contradictory accounts of who ordered the move.” Yesterday, however, park police officials said that they acted without consulting administration officials or the secret service and admitted that young officers had “screwed up.” Press Secretary Robert Gibbs also said the police engaged in “some overzealous actions.”

This obviously isn’t the first time the channel has used left-wing protests to push a conservative agenda. On Tuesday, Neil Cavuto covered GetEQUAL’s protest of Obama in Los Angeles by inviting a tea party activist to explain the double standard between how the media treats DADT activists and conservative tea partiers. “I think we kind of have a political double standard going on here. It’s easy for one side when they see their issues being put forward to ignore rude behavior. But when it’s the other side of the aisle, they’re quick to point fingers,” the tea partier explained to Fox.