Fox News’ wealthy white males get their chuckles from discussing ‘downscale voters.’

While discussing the primary returns tonight, the “Fox News All Stars” — including Brit Hume, Fred Barnes, and Mort Kondracke — discussed what constitutes a “downscale voter.” Hume opened the segment by asking Barnes to elaborate on his view that many of Hillary Clinton’s supporters are “downscale.” Barnes could hardly contain his laughter as he explained that the term “working class” is a euphemism because “it’s kind of mean to say ‘lower class.’ It’s as simple as that.” He explained that the “lower class” are people of low “social class.” Watch it:


Kondracke attacked Barnes for “dissing” the “lower class.” Hume concluded the segment by assuring the Fox viewers, “We’re all for working families particularly, and those of you who are working families out there, we appeal to you to bear with us.”



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