Fox refuses to defend its ‘tea party’ advocacy on NPR.

As ThinkProgress pointed out, Fox News aggressively promoted this week’s conservative, anti-Obama tea parties, airing 107 ads for its coverage of the protests over 10 days. Earlier today, NPR’s Tell Me More hosted the Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz, who criticized the network’s coverage, and The Atlantic’s Reihan Salam to discuss how the media covered the protests. During the conversation, host Michel Martin noted that Fox refused to participate in the dicussion:

MARTIN: And I should mention at this point that we asked Fox News for a representative to come on the program to characterize how they view their coverage of these tea parties. We worked at it all day and after repeated requests, they declined to provide a guest or issue a statement or assist in our conversation in any way. So, I think it’s fair to point that out.

Listen here:


This isn’t the first time Fox has refused to defend its coverage. When Politico’s Michael Calderone did an article on the network’s coverage, Fox refused to provide an executive to speak about its tea party coverage and “declined repeated offers to address the charge that it was blurring the lines between journalism and advocacy.”