Fox report: ‘More and more’ McCain rallies are taunting Obama as ‘traitor, criminal, and even terrorist.’

Fox News’ political reporter Carl Cameron is on the trail with John McCain. Reporting from a live McCain rally this evening, he said:

You’ll hear the booing behind me. In recent days, when Barack Obama’s name has been mentioned, it has gone from boos and hissing to actual chants and calls of traitor, criminal, and even terrorist.

The McCain campaign says they don’t condone it, they don’t want to see it happen, but it’s happening more and more every day.

Watch it:

The crowd reaction may have something to do with the frequent charges from the McCain campaign that Obama “pals around with terrorists.”


During one of McCain’s rallies, a man could be heard yelling, “Off with his head,” when McCain spoke about Obama’s tax plan. (HT: Jed Report)