Fox worships the ‘Kristol Ball.’

This afternoon, Fox News’ Shepard Smith paid tribute to Fox News contributor and New York Times columnist Bill Kristol. Smith claims Kristol has a “Kristol Ball” for predicting that former Massachusetts governor would drop out at the Conservative Political Action Conference and that Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) would win the Ohio and Texas primaries. Smith even gave Kristol his very own Fox News caricature:

Of course, left unmentioned is that the “Kristol Ball” is hazier when it comes to Iraq:

— “We’re not in a civil war. This is just not true.” [7/15/07]

— The U.S. can afford to “stretch our Army and Marines” for “another year or so” in Iraq. [8/24/07]


— Vouched for a “a ticket of Fred Thompson and David Petraeus” in 2008. [9/13/07]