Fox’s Ideologue-in-Residence

Fox boasts about redefining cable news — apparently it’s decided to redefine the term “journalist” as well.

Yesterday, Fox posted a 1,500-word “news article” that purportedly “places responsibility squarely in [U.N. chief Kofi Annan’s] office for obscuring mismanagement” of the Oil-for-Food program. The piece was co-authored by Claudia Rosett, who is identified at the end of the article only as “a journalist-in-residence with the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.” Sounds harmless enough, right?

Except the Foundation is an “aggressive…neoconservative think tank” designed to “shape American thinking on war, terrorism, and the Middle East,” according to a gushing piece in American Conservative magazine. And Claudia Rosett is described by prominent conservative columnist Victor Davis Hanson as the “single brave maverick” to take on the oil-for-food scandal, which the right-wing has deceptively shaped into an anti-U.N. smear campaign. Moreover, Rosett’s think tank “has been attacking the United Nations since long before corruption in oil-for-food came to light.” In May 2003, Foundation President Clifford D. May blamed “the deaths of millions of innocent victims” on “U.N. fecklessness.”

A web search showed this is the first such “news piece” written by Rosett for Fox, though she has appeared on several Fox News television programs, including Fox’s recent discredited expose, “Breaking Point: U.N. Blood Money: Kofi Annan Under Fire.”